I voted for Hillary. I voted for her because I thought she was competent and, frankly, safe. I voted for no change. Not all change is good.



It’s the sick and disoriented feeling I and many of my friends have had since the election last Tuesday. I haven’t written here in ages, but thoughts are going through my mind and now it’s time for self expression. ┬áThis is a Boomer issue, since we were always interested in change, in peace, in human rights. We cared. We voted.



I voted for Hillary. She wasn’t my first choice. I didn’t vote for her because she was a woman, although I think electing a woman president is important, and I was glad to vote for a woman. I voted for her because I thought she was competent, experienced, and, frankly, safe. Trump appears to be very impulsive. It frightens me to give him the power to start a nuclear war, which the voters have done. To tell you the truth, I voted for no change. Not all change is good. I trust Hillary to keep things on an even keel. I felt that was the best that could be expected. I just wanted someone who could safely steer the ship of state. Someone I would get in the car with and trust to drive me home.

This is an older person kind of choice, conservative in a sense. I wanted to conserve the gains we had made in the past eight years. I wanted to conserve our beloved nation and our planet. No, I didn’t think Hillary was the most progressive choice. I thought that she was backed by the establishment, and I was flat out amazed that she lost.

The events since the election have caused me to fear civil war even more than I had feared the specter of nuclear war. Demonstrations turning violent, the surge of hate crimes and KKK marches are very upsetting. A nation divided can not stand. I have fear for the fate of our nation. Economically, I fear a major depression.

I am trying to understand what happened. I have been thinking: Does democracy work? I hope it does, and it’s a serious question. As many people have mentioned, I have thought about whether the electoral college system is necessary. How sacred is our constitution? Could some of it be outdated? When you question any part of the constitution, does it endanger the whole of it? What if we lost the Bill of Rights? What about the second amendment? I have been thinking about women in American politics. Many other countries have elected women. Why do we lag behind? What kind of president will Trump be? Who voted for him, and why? Will they get what they expect? I plan to address these and other questions in upcoming posts.



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